VOLUME 2

    After over two years hiatus, and seventeen thousand viruses later, it is official.

    The Pollinate Show is returning!

    The obscene podcast is coming back to iTunesĀ on June 2nd.
    Stay tuned for updates, merchandise, videos and more.

    Where Hypothetical Becomes Theoretical

  • Episode 102: “Paul and Nate Jit-Jat” or “Paul the Torturer”

    In this episode, Paul and Nate just talk. Really, about nothing. It’s not that exciting. Eventually they talk about what would happen if Paul was the one delivering punishment in hell.

  • Episode 101: “The Dougindoug show”

    Doug wants to take all credit and do the introduction. It’s the Dougindoug show, featuring Steve, Daniel, Paul and Nate.
    In this great episode, a radio broadcast gets exclusive coverage of an alien invasion.

  • Episode 100: “The S.L.U.T.s of F.O.P.H.”

    In our grand one hundredth episode of The Pollinate Show, Paul and Nate get Steve, Doug and Daniel in on this epic of a tale.
    The Seeing Eye returns! In this tale he joins forces with Captain Burgerson, Hom Tardy and The Unspeakable Death. First the face off with Louie Hewis, but he’s only the beginning. An evil entity returns, and our heroes may have bitten off more than they can chew.

  • Episode 99: “The Bukowski Chase Case”

    In this episode, Paul is a Vancouver police officer who has recently been transferred to the LA precinct. He is immediately been put on the Bukowski Chase Case, and has to solve it immediately.
    Here’s the question… what is the Bukowski Chase Case?

    If you have a picture of yourself wearing a Pollinate Show t-shirt, email it to nathan@thepollinateshow.com

  • Nathan at Second Storey Theatre

    On July 6, Nathan headlined at Second Storey Theatre for Amateur Comedy Night.

  • Episode 98: “Change”

    In this episode, Paul and Nate of Pollinate try something new, and do a game of change. How does it work? Why don’t you listen and find out! While you’re listening, become immersed in the story of Paul babysitting three miscreants who are more trouble than he knew possible. Has Paul bitten off more than he can run over with a monster truck?

  • Episode 97: “One Hundred Years of History”

    In this episode, our intrepid heroes take a look at the twentieth century, and try to give their audience a brief lesson in history.
    The kicker?
    They know nothing about history.